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Check out Eric Alterman. He does a blog called Altercation on the MSNBC site. Here is a sample of his writing. You gotta' love a guy who quotes Jon Stewart, right?

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Andrew said...

If this is the best argument the left has against the Swift Vet charges, the next 2 months are going to feel real long for Kerry. Like most of the left’s defense of Kerry on these charges the strategy seems to be to call the Swift Vets liars in the severest possible language but neglect to support these charges with any form of evidence or argument. (I would throw in the clich├ęd Goebbels quote right now but the left seems to have trademarked that for use with Karl Rove only).

From the Alterman piece:

“dishonest and morally disgusting Swift Boat Veterans for Truth advertisements that have now been fully discredited…”

“pure mendacity from start to finish...”

“they were lies…”

“The group of liars and miscreants who make up Swift Boat Veterans for Truth…”

“the Swift Boat liars…”

“right-wing apparatchiks…”
The problem is that while contradictory evidence has been found for some of the Swift Vet charges, some of their charges have been accurate to the degree that Kerry has been forced to admit that he lied about Christmas in Cambodia, the circumstances surrounding his first purple heart and that “battle” footage he took while in Vietnam was from reenactments not genuine. The truth that Kerry has been an admitted lair 3 times over, while the only thing the Swift Vets are guilty of is not proving all of their charges makes attacks such as Alterman’s highly ineffective not to mention dishonest.

“For if only "a lot" of the atrocity stories were discredited, according to Russert, then at least some of them must be true.”Amen Eric, you did all the heavy lifting for me. If I apply Alterman’s logic to the Swift Vets charges even if most of them are eventually proven false, that still makes Kerry a liar. How on earth can you win an argument based on the premise that a different burden of proof exists for the Swift Vets and Kerry?

I obviously don’t agree with Eric Alterman’s politics, but there are far better voices out there on the left – more light, less heat.