Who Won The "Debate"?

So what do you think about last night's debate between our two presidential candidates? We watched on CSPAN which used a split screen to show both candidates continuously. Watching Bush during Kerry's answers and statements was priceless!


Joe said...

Yeah, Bush looked pouty. But Kerry would nod his head at everything Bush said. Bush would say, "My opponent eats children, and can't even decide if he like little girls or little boys," and Kerry would be nodding away.
Watching it, I thought Bush was a lot more comfortable and convincing. I wanted to grab Kerry and say, "Look, there, it's an opening to show what a nincompoop he is! Take it! Blast him!" But Kerry would stumble around, using high-falutin language. Hasn't the guy ever heard of an analogy? Where's Ross Perot when we need him?
But, on the other hand, the spin-doctors declared it a draw, and from what the spin-doctors have told me, I know that the public is going to believe what we tell them to believe about who won. So, I guess it was a draw.

Andrew said...

Despite the fact that polls taken immediately after the debate are split, the MSM is desperately trying to spin this into a Kerry knockout punch. It wasn’t.

I would have to agree with Joe Lockhart and say it was a draw, but give the edge to Kerry in the expectations battle. He mostly managed to avoid his worst speaking tendencies while Bush looked like he was on too much cold medicine and went into brain freeze far too many times. I found myself shouting at the TV when insanely obvious openings passed an oblivious Bush (He did catch “global test” though). Can anyone please explain to me why Kerry believes dealing with Iraq unilaterally was wrong but pursuing N. Korea unilaterally is right?

Diane S. said...

Bush did not "stumble." He fell flat on his face and Kerry mopped the floor with him. His lack of intelligence was clear for all to see. I cannot believe he is even a contender. Shows what money and power can accomplish. I enjoyed watching the debate and have had a big smile on my face ever since. I believe Kerry now has the momentum that's been missing.