Another Bit of Humor

***I realize that my posts are usually kind of random, but sometimes there are things that amuse me and that I want to share. So indulge me.

Yesterday as I was walking home from work I happened to actually look up one of the buildings that I pass every day on my way to and from work. I knew that it was a storage rental facility, but had never really taken a good look at it. The first time I had really noticed it was probably when I saw fire trucks roaring past me one morning, only to find them further on in my walk in front of this building. There was smoke pouring out of the basement. Not exactly the type of event that you would want to see at a place where one, I dunno, STORES VALUABLES.

It wasn't until passing it more recently that I noticed the name of this trusty business: "King Tut Storage."

Hmm. Ummm.... Like the King Tut whose tomb was RAIDED??!! Right.

Perhaps they would like to convey that even if your belongings are stolen, then the thieves will face the wrath of curses for generations.

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