News I live for…

Every so often when combing through news and blogs I find an article which so reinforces my prejudices it makes me giddy.

After leading the silence for the London bombings at an Élysée Palace garden party, M Chirac was asked about France’s losing streak and what is seen as Britain’s triumphant prosperity under Tony Blair.
He said: “I have a lot of esteem for the British people and for Tony Blair. But I do not think the British model is one that we should envy.
“Certainly, their unemployment is lower than ours. But if you take the big elements in society — health policy, the fight against poverty, . . . spending involving the future — you notice that we are much, much better placed than the English.”

The fall of the Soviet Empire destroyed the left’s hope that capitalism could ever be usurped. The immanent (within 10 years) economic collapse of France -- the standard-bearer of the European nanny state -- will permanently discredit socialism’s half-breed descendant: progressivism. After old Europe’s fall what will be the left’s model state? China? With such an execrable track record, how can leftist intellectuals continue to push policy based on such an obviously flawed ideology? You can only distance so many f’d up relatives as “black sheep”.
In 1980, France, Germany and the US had a per-capita income that was roughly equal with the UK trailing far behind. Since then Thatcher and Reagan have left old Europe in the dust.

UPDATE: God's piling on.


little dan said...

I never realized that France was the model for Progressivism. The tiny bit of reading I've done makes it look like New Zealand is a more true model.

Andrew said...

France has always been the country progressives contrast against when discussing single payer healthcare reform, it is the country they look to longingly when they see it’s complicity with the UN and France’s welfare state is a veritable progressive wish list already implemented.
Maybe progressives caught a whif of decay from old Europe and are now trying to get ahead of the curve. They might as well have selected Loompa Land for as relevant as New Zealand is the US. The standard of living is far lower than even France and their population is roughly equivalent to Los Angeles. Their GDP is a mere $92 billion dollars. There isn’t a single US state that doesn’t have a vastly higher standard of living than New Zealand. Though if progressive policies get adopted in the US that will quickly change.