In my last post, I meant that they can teach creationism, not evolution. Ooops, I guess I'm the retard afterall.

Babies and Homos

This election wasn't about national security, the war on terrorism, Iraq, or the economy. It was about two things: babies and homos. All the political pundits proved their appalling ignorance of the culture of the midwest. Too much time in D.C., New York, and L.A. I should've known better, cause I've lived here my whole life and I spent many of my formative years balls-deep in evangelical Christian fundamentalism. But it's not just Christians who hate homos. All the piece of shit white-trash-put-your-truck-on-a-lift-kit-nascar-watching-rednecks also hate homos, and lots of otherwise normal people over the age of 50 too. I say fuck-em. Let the republicans give them a 300 hundred dollar tax cut while they cut their food stamps. Let them dessicate their education funding. Who care's if they get condoms in school or not? Half of them won't go to school anyway, and the other half are too stupid to use condoms even if they could get em. Let them have their assault rifles. Too bad they can't eat them. I'm sick of advocating for the poor people in this country when the truth is that I don't like the sons-o-bitches anyway. I'll be fine. I'm white, and once I finish school, I'll be squarely in the middle-class, so I'll be alright if they cut medicaid, or medicare. I'll probably even be ok if they privatize social security, cause I'll have time to invest. Let the old people, the Christians, and the red necks fall on their own sword. Let them teach evolution in school. When India, China, and Japan fly past us on scientific research, I'll just sit back and laugh. Let them ban gay marriage. The midwest will conitinue to suffer the extremes of Brain Drain as the smart homos and those who support them move to the coasts. Let them have God's Country. I'll sit back and laugh as it turns to shit.



Thats the percentage of provisional ballots that John Kerry must win to win Ohio assuming 90% are valid. Possible? Sure. Probable? Nope. Is it really worth putting the country through this again with a .001% chance of winning? Do you think if Bush was in the situation he'd do this? Nixon and Ford sure didn't and their chances were a hell of a lot better.