NYTimes Doing Something about their Retards

Apparently the stable of typewriter-chained Corkys maintained by the Sulzberger family is becoming something of an embarrassment. NYTimes Ombudsman/part-time-censor Byron Calame writes the following after the Times publishes a ridiculous story purporting that the majority of women in the US are living single for the first time ever!....after including 15 year olds in their data:

It was discouraging to find yet another article with an unusual angle that
didn’t seem to encounter many skeptical editors as it made its way to the front

As a result:

In the wake of this controversy, Bill Keller, the executive editor, has decided
to meet with staffers with expertise in statistics and demographics to create a
“vetting network to help with the editing of articles dealing with those
subjects,” Craig R. Whitney, an assistant managing editor and the standards
editor, said Thursday.

Translation: Tard handlers.

If only Reuters and AP followed suit…

UPDATE: Uh oh! Looks like someone didn't get their snack pack...

$35,000 a year for making the Royal w/ Cheese

For anyone that’s read this blog it should not be a surprise that among the developed world I consider France to be the Pinnacle of leftist economic stupidity. It really seems as if they’re really on some suicidal mission to single handedly prove the superiority of the free market system.

The newest twist comes as the country considers Chirac’s replacement. Naturally the French consider the antidote to economic malaise resulting from crippling entitlements and regulation is even more entitlements and regulation. This idiocy is embodied in Ségolène Royal who among other things wishes to raise the French minimum wage to the equivalent of $2000 a month (that’s $24k a year if you’re a journalist). Considering that French per-capita GDP is $30,000 while the US is $43,500 that would translate into a US minimum annual income of nearly $35000 a year.

God I hope she gets elected.