weird, weird, very weird

I just watched the Peter Jackson movie, Meet the Feebles. I have been watching bad, tasteless, gorry, and offensive movies on a fairly consistent basis since I was about 12, and this was one of the most viscerally disturbing things I've ever seen. Like the 20 minute flashback where the frog puppet junkie remembers his experience being caputured in vietnam by the "guks" (which I guess were cats). This whole scene, which alluded to the Deer Hunter when the frog prisoners were forced to play Russian Roulette, was completely straight.
These and other images are going to be popping up when I don't want them for a while. Oh, like the anteater (I guess it was an anteater) who cummed out of his nose. That was a good one.


A break from empathy

I just read this bit on German toilets. Makes me want to take a sitzpinkler.

Not really, 'course. Sitzpinkler is a great word though (not sure if it's "real"). I put "sitzpinkler" in to a Webster's dictonary search, and my eye immediately went to "cysticercoid", which, is oddly entertaining in it's own right (however unpleasant). But when I googled the thing I found out that there's some kind movement or something called stehpinkeln, and a whole lot of other words that made me laugh. I hope you click on the links and are entertained.