I'm a blog whore

I haven't been very communicative lately. I guess it's time to fess up...I started my own blog. I'm a whore-slut-hussy. It's a little more journal-esque, describing my life, including my recent career crisis/mental breakdown. It was awesome! Here it is if you want to see it

My one political observation of the day: maybe W. is starting to realize...democracy can be a bitch! Be careful what you ask for, George.

"Don't Be Evil"

tiananmen - Google Image Search.

tiananmen - Google Image Search in China.

Even billionare idealists have a price.


New York Times == Village Voice part 2

With today’s editorial begging Democratic senators to filibuster the vote to elevate Alito to the Supreme Court the NYTimes has now completely undone it’s legacy of being the “paper of record” and has nearly become the equivalent of one of those metro-rags chocked full articles that earnestly ponder whether Bush is retarded, evil or both. There is nothing wrong with these papers it’s just that it’s unlikely that their writings would ever seriously be held up in the Senate as justification for criticism a given policy as the Times was most recently with NSA eavesdropping (Though Teddy surprises me more every year). In a more reasonable, credible era, such a plea for filibuster from the paper of record would have served as justification itself. Now in a few days we’ll likely see that the utterings of the NYTimes have no more import than the latest street corner screed on Chimpy HalliBushitler.