Bombings in London

Instapundit and Jeff Jarvis have some usefull roundups on this mornings attacks on the London transit system.


Sufjan does Arkansas

Sufjan Stevens has fast become one of my favorite musicians. He just released "Come on feel the Illinoise", the second state he has transformed into song (he plans to do all 50!). Sufjan just recorded a song for NPR called "The Lord God Bird" about Brinkley, AR and their ivory-billed woodpecker. Check it out...


a not-too-bad article on development aid

From Nicholas Kristof of the NYT, one of the few public voices consistently addressing international poverty. He correctly praises President Bush in comparison to Clinton on aid to Africa. Not bad.


Wierd and Scary

The Christian Science Monitor reports that suspected terrorists (or rather terrorist enablers) are using profits from stolen baby formula to finance their operations.

"The rings I identified dealing in stolen infant formula are operated mostly by Middle Easterners," says Charles Miller, a loss-prevention consultant and author of the report [from the National Retail Federation]. They typically organize the rings, pay the shoplifters (who are mostly from Latin America), repackage the formula, and resell it. Out of $30 billion in annual retail theft, about $7 billion of infant formula is stolen and resold for a tidy profit, Mr. Miller estimates.