hee haw from the south

Just recovering from the last dregs of ivan. Rain...that's it. As far as weather patterns go down here, it seems like rain clouds have a difficult time doing their thing. Lots of grey and wind and that ominous smell but then no release. It's like they need a laxative. Last night the movement finally happened. All-day rain climaxed in a flood watch here in Williamson County. Now I find myself forced to embrace the sun. back to you for the news...


Iraq and the type "A" personality


I'm new to Ben's corner of the world, but he has been gracious enough to let me post. I initially wrote this article in Febuary of 04 (so alot of the troubles in Iraq that I mention may seem outdated, but when i wrote them, they didn't happen yet - e.g. al-Zarqawi's attacks), and have added minor revisions.

Note: I'm putting it under my magazine's name, because we haven't been published in a while...i've been busy with a screenplay.

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks

JUICY Magazine® presents:

Empathy, Northern Iraq, and Sistani - The Iraqi Power Vacuum
by Geddy Patricks

Iraq: War Profiteering and Possible Civil War

What went wrong in Iraq? Is it just time? Will things turn around. If it's just a matter of time, then why have we lost over 1,000 troops? Nope, it's a quagmire and not going to get better any time soon.

Let's look back, maybe this will allow us to gain insight as to why problems persist.

Some of the best battlefield generals in history have contended that one of most successful ways to conquer your enemy is to put yourself in his or her skin. You must think like your enemy. Simple, right? This is a generalized and cliché tactic, yet extremely relevant and perfectly apt to fully understanding current events in Iraq.

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snow boots

I would like to reiterate that Napolean Dynamite is a great, great movie. Napolean wears snowboots, plays tether ball, and dances real good.
I'm going to see Alien versus Predator tonight, and I'm all jacked up!!! I hope that Predator wins.
I'd like to soften my critique of Unitarian Universalism. It's not such a bad religion; it just needs a little love. I think the word "liberal" has become meaningless. The truth is, basically everybody in this country is liberal. Basically, everyone agrees that your sex, your race, your height, your odor, your ethnic background, your itchiness level, whatever, shouldn't keep you from having the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else. And, basically everyone agrees that people should be educated and should learn about lots of ideas so that they can pick the ones that seem most plausable. That, to me, is liberalism in its traditional sense. But, worldwide, liberalism still has a long way to go. Women are still horribly oppressed worldwide, free thought and education is stifled, and tribal/ethnic/racial/religious conflicts still run amok. UU, for all of its faults, is certainly a champion of liberalism. A little more liberalism in religion and a little less fundamentalism ain't so bad.