Awesome TOTN Segment

If you haven’t heard this yet, you should. I had to check the web just to make sure what I heard in the car really happened. Essentially Cindy Sheehan melted down under softball questioning on Talk of the Nation. As soon as the questioning moved away from being able to talk about how Bush is a kid killer she said she had to go and then pretended that her phone connection was breaking up when it clearly wasn't. The next guest pointed out that this is a commonly used tactic of hers when she is challenged.
This is the communications vehicle provided by anti-war organizations to her cause. I seriously doubt that she had less than “5 bars”.


Brothers Grimm kinda sucked

Just saw the Brothers Grimm. I didn't think it would be good, but I thought it might be ok, what with Terry Gilliam directing and all. There were definitely some decent scenes and redeeming elements, but all in all, not very good. It was very similar to Sleepy Hollow, which I also didn't care for.