Something we can all agree upon

Now I realize some of you probably aren’t as cool with the whole idea of Bush getting inaugurated again as I am. And I’m also pretty sure many of you probably don’t like Bush’s whole “Freedom can warm you or burn you: Your choice A-holes!” speech as much as I do. But in the midst of all the hand wringing over how “divided” the country is I think it’s important to identify things we can all agree upon. The most obvious: Jenna Bush kicks ass. This became very clear to me this week while I was sick and watching Chasing Liberty while buzzing on Pseudoephedrine. Holy Moses that was a bad movie, but as hard as director Andy Cadiff and the combined resources of Warner Brothers tried they couldn’t make Mandi Moore cooler than real life Jenna. You may not like the president but you can be thankful you have something better than an Alex and Vanessa bore-fest for 4 years. Med-school? Yawn. Here's hoping this term involves some Daisy Dukes and a mechanical bull!



It turns out that the colts did not conquer the Massachusetts liberals.


Go Colts!!

I fully expect any of y'all who live in Boston to start working on the sabatauge effort. The Colts will conquer the Massachusetts liberals!