Last time I posted something, I was getting drunk. Now I'm hungover. I rocked the GRE. I bent it to my will. I am the man. I just read this thingfrom the NYTimes that made me feel weird. It was all about college and jobs and shit. Our generation, whatever we call it, totally got screwed. It used to be, if you graduated from college, you could basically get a job doing whatever you freakin wanted for a gazillion dollars a year. You didn't have to study something practical. If you had the degree, you were set. Now it all sucks. We pay a hell of a lot more for a lot less utility. Now I'm going to go to grad school, gonna make myself "marketable," but the scary thing is, I'm paranoid that my masters degree won't be sufficient! How fucked up is that! Ok, I get it, I don't have any marketable skills (I'm very good at going to school, but the market is down for professional students). I can read, write, speak, and think better than the average dude, but I've become obsolete. Fuckin A. And then I think about all those poor schmucks who are too dumb for decent jobs but too smart to be retarded and get good benefits. How are they supposed to compete?