Greatest Headline Ever

Half-naked bricklayer on a bender lunged at police with 4ft didgeridoo

Best quote: Afterwards Jones said: "The police took the didgeridoo away. I had only just learned how to play it."


Harry Whittman: Republican Martyr

So it’s occurred to some that the rather absurd amount of attention the Cheney shooting incident is getting is actually working out quite well for the Bush administration. Last week they had warrantless “spying”, an insanely huge budget, the ex-head of FEMA turning on Bush’s dept. of homeland security, Libby, and Joshua Micah Marshall’s fave, Abramoff, to deal with. Now all they have is an unfortunate accident to respond to….or is it?

What if Rove phoned Pappy Bush knowing that one of the aforementioned scandals will actually stick for a change and Pappy phoned in a favor? “Whitt, we were in the dubya-two together and I gotta ask you a favor. Will you take one for the team?” So Harry Whittington takes the shotgun blast, potentially dies, Cheney’s too distraught to continue in office (potentially dies?) and he becomes the scapegoat for the outcome any relevant scandals. Bush is free to select his desired successor and the GOP is free and clear for 2008. Is there anything Rove can’t do?

Or more likely, liberals in Washington and the media are just to dumb and undisciplined to not stop grasping at whatever new thing pops up. I seriously think Bush could get away with declaring martial law with a simple moon from the presidential Limo with these morons.

UPDATE: The media's giving the Bush administration another great week!?! Media Matters where are you? If this continues you're going to find yourself on a shipping container on the way to one of bossman Soro's eastern european smelting plants.

The sound of hard drives failing...

... is suprizingly soothing, at least when processed through a sampling program. Here's all 100 such tracks if you're so inclined.

Some background: This was a project wherein folks were encouraged to create a song using samples of drives in various stages of crapping out that were posted on the Hitachi website as part of a troubleshooting guide.


Shovelin' snow

While on one hand, I'd like to talk about how much the U.S. response to this whole "Cartoon War" pisses me off. I'm not gonna. I'm tired after shoveling a ridiculous amount of snow out of our driveway only to see another 5 inches accumulate on my newly cleared patch. Damn nor'easter.

In the end, I must say I learned a valuable lesson. That a cup and a half of vino is the perfect cap to 2 hours of shoveling.