Brothers Grimm kinda sucked

Just saw the Brothers Grimm. I didn't think it would be good, but I thought it might be ok, what with Terry Gilliam directing and all. There were definitely some decent scenes and redeeming elements, but all in all, not very good. It was very similar to Sleepy Hollow, which I also didn't care for.


Andrew said...

That sucks. Though if you saw "Lost in La Mancha" (http://www.smart.co.uk/lostinlamancha/lm_index.htm) it shouldn't be that surprising that he allowed studio pressure to compromise his work. His credibility was probably on fumes. Brothers Grimm was probably his last chance to prove he isn't a total wack-job.

Ben said...

I'm sorry to hear that, but not surprized. Virtually everything I've read profiling Gilliam for this movie, points out that (like every other film he's done) it suffered through several battles before getting to the screen. Unlike every other experience he's had, the battles happened from the get-go, not after the film was complete. The Weinsteins screwed with his casting, fired his director of photography and engaged in other behavior that undermined his authority on-set. That's not an excuse, but it doesn't help matters. They knew what they were getting when they hired the guy and they would have done better to leave him alone.

Fortunately he's not done. He shot a film called "Tidelands" while "Grimm" sat on the Weinsteins shelf for a year. It was shot on a modest budget ($15 mil, as opposed to Grimm's $80 mil) and was written by Gilliam and his frequent co-writer Tony Grisoni. It will be out later this year and will likely prove successful in ways that Grimm doubtfully will.

This interview with Gilliam says it better than I can.