snow boots

I would like to reiterate that Napolean Dynamite is a great, great movie. Napolean wears snowboots, plays tether ball, and dances real good.
I'm going to see Alien versus Predator tonight, and I'm all jacked up!!! I hope that Predator wins.
I'd like to soften my critique of Unitarian Universalism. It's not such a bad religion; it just needs a little love. I think the word "liberal" has become meaningless. The truth is, basically everybody in this country is liberal. Basically, everyone agrees that your sex, your race, your height, your odor, your ethnic background, your itchiness level, whatever, shouldn't keep you from having the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else. And, basically everyone agrees that people should be educated and should learn about lots of ideas so that they can pick the ones that seem most plausable. That, to me, is liberalism in its traditional sense. But, worldwide, liberalism still has a long way to go. Women are still horribly oppressed worldwide, free thought and education is stifled, and tribal/ethnic/racial/religious conflicts still run amok. UU, for all of its faults, is certainly a champion of liberalism. A little more liberalism in religion and a little less fundamentalism ain't so bad.

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Andrew said...

My family toyed with Unitarianism for a few years while I was in high school and like socialism sounded good in theory but was more than a little lacking in practice. After 8+ years of Catholic dogma being crammed down my throat the promise of being able to choose my path was very attractive. Outside of some fundamentalist strains of Islam and Judaism there is probably no other faith that is more fraught with contradictions and worthy or ridicule than Catholicism. Despite this, after a few months of going various Unitarian meeting houses in southern WI it became clear to me that while the principles of UU are very good and still very attractive to me, many of the individuals that are drawn to the faith seem to be spiritual commitment-phoebes seeking a faith that reinforces the concept that they are already good spiritual and intellectually endowed people. The breaking point for me came to me at a service in Madison which began with a prayer I didn't understand set to flute music and consisted of a very long lecture about Frank Lloyd Wright’s regional architecture. It was kind of interesting, but frankly I don’t think God gives a flip about prairie style architecture.

I think having patience and tolerance for others searching for their faith is great but life is short. I believe that committing to something spiritual in your life, however wrong and inadequate, is better than standing on the sidelines in an endless self-gratifying search. I want to be clear that I’m not criticizing the faith, just many who practice it. It just needs more Republicans….