FactChecking the Swiftvets

I would really like Kerry's people to come out with something as persuasive as this or this (relates to most recent SwiftVet ad), instead of layering on equally annoying counter-offensives that advocate the numbing of first amendment rights.

But then there are quibbles with the factchecking so who knows? In the end it seems that this bit should be a campaign aside, yes Kerry is staking his relevancy as candidate on his war record, but so is Bush. Which of these wars should be more important now?

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Anonymous said...

Ben: This is your dad. (Didn't have time to "sign-in".) This extensive analysis is very interesting, but in the mean time, GW and Carl Rove are chortling over their incredible success at making everyone forget the real issues. Not to mention that GW used his father's connections to avoid the whole Vietnam mess. We Vietnam veterans are such a conflicted lot.