I have no idea what I'm doing right now.
Anyway, I have to tip my hat to W. He was pretty impressive last night. I think he even teared up a bit when he was talking about dead vets and Sept. 11 families. Kerry really needs to get his ass in gear.
On a side note, I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I'm a liberal republican instead of a moderate democrat. I'm pro-life, ambivalent about guns, relatively pro free-trade (with some reservations). On the other hand, I want all the gay folks to get married if they want to. On Iraq, I'm pissed that the country was manipulated and lied to, but I'm not sure if the war was good or bad in an objective, utilitarian sense. I think we should cooperate with other countries in our foreign policy, and I think we should concentrate more on global economic development and education rather than blowing up terrorists. That being said, I also want to blow Osama Bin Laden's balls off, and we need to do something about North Korea and Iran, especially Iran.
I like the idea of job training instead of complete welfare.
Then I have issues that neither party supports. Mainly drug policy reform. And I have issues that I think are important, but that I have no idea what to do about.
Maybe I'm a compassionate libertarian liberal neo-con wilsonian internationalist. Not to mention being an existentialist neo-orthodox mystic theist.


Ben said...

Nice post Joe. I felt pretty similarly about W. despite myself. The weird thing for me was to hear that "laundry list" of policy. Very few of those items resembled the conservatism I thought I knew, the low-tax/small government version. This agenda frankly sounds more "progressive" than anything I've heard from the Democrats. Like you said, if last night was any indication, John Kerry is going to have to wriggle free from this SwiftVet thing and start hyping his own policies with vigor if he expects to be competitive. However, I have serious doubts that he will.

Dan H said...

Where did the compassion go? That theme didn't last long at the RNC. How about that wacko Zell Miller? (Was he the guy they modeled Mr. Burns on The Simpson's after?) Did you see/hear him challenge Chris Matthews to a duel?
I think it was just a masterful job of stage management, propaganda, issue avoidance and spin. Kudos to Karl Rove.

Andrew said...

This may scare you Joe but your policy views are pretty much the same as mine and I consider myself a conservative. Of course I am probably more supportive of the war (right action, wrong time), more ambivalent about gay marriage (I support it state by state vs. all at once) and pro-choice as a matter of policy. Shoot and I now probably made you all conservo-phobic and you're gonna vote for Kerry now just to prove you're not. Forget what I just said. I gotta drive my SUV to the gun store....