my new toy

This is my first post on my new computer. I just bought an HP Pavillion ze4805us notebook. It was sort've used, but just barely. Someone bought it and the hard drive was bad, so HP fixed it and I bought it. It's practically new. It seems to be working alright. It's got an Athlon XP-M processor, 60G hard drive, and 500+ MB or memory. (The guy at circuit city talked me into putting an extra 200 MB of memory on there). I paid 999.00, plus a 100 dollar rebate, which I hope I will get back if I figure out how to do it.
It's got an integrated wireless (like I know what that means), but I guess it means I can get fast internet.
So, those who know about computers, how would you rate my purchase? 1. Joe paid too much for a shitty computer. 2. Joe paid the right amount for a shitty computer. 3. Joe got a good deal on a shitty computer. 4. Joe paid too much for a decent computer. 5. Joe paid the right amount for a decent computer. 6. Joe got a good deal on a decent computer. 7. bla bla bla for an outstanding computer.

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Andrew said...

I'd definately say you got a 6 or a 7 on your scale of goodness. From your description it sounds like you won the refurb lottery. With a bad HDD the previous user couldn't have used it for more than a day or two. I think the integrated wireless is particularly sweet. I have to pop in a pc card everytime I want to use wireless on my old skool compaq. I don't know what kind of software your notebook came with, but if you think you need more (office 2003 etc.) remember to take advantage of the virtually free software you'll have access to in college. I miss that.