Karl Rove has a drug problem

How else do you explain how the Republican party stupidly, stupidly jumped head over heels into a lose-lose situation that now allies them with Jessie Jackson!?! Yes, it's an absolute freak show that Terri has all the lights on but no one's home but does that really mean you need to flush pretty much all classic liberal (libertarian) ideas down the crapper? Republicans give me the supply side economics and almost indescriminant use of force I crave, but cramming government into the realm of morality is not cool.

UPDATE: These are the classy folks Bush and the GOP sold the farm for.

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Ben said...

From everything I've read, the hubbub around this unfortunate case could very well be a dividing point between the classical liberals/libertarians that you mention, and this current strain of "big-government" republican. I'm not sure it's going to turn into the kind of huge movement these folks are alluding to, but I find it refreshing that it's freeing up libertarian thinking. Hopefully this group of voters will be able to induce both parties to reel back a bit and chuck the crazies.