Interesting Documentary

Here's an interesting online video documentary about Academic bias:


I particularly like the economics professor in the beginning talking about "cutting edge feminist Marxism".


Ben said...

Damn. If you have the time to watch the whole thing, I recommend it. In terms of videography, editing, music, or any other element that usually helps contribute to the overall quality of a production, it's nothing special. But in terms of content (i.e., what it says/shows on a medley of college campus's), it's very compelling. The last segment, featuring a Sikh student at the University of Tenn. most fully demonstrates the filmmaker's thesis.

Joe said...

I agree. I just watched it and thought it was quite good.

Mark said...

Thanks for the post Andrew. This video was an eye opener for me. I never realized the extent to which some schools oppress conservative voices. I knew it happened, but not to that degree. I was so pissed while I was watching it. I truly can't understand how some people can be so f**king stupid and one-sided.

Andrew said...

I think Ben hit on something. This really isn’t that well produced and even the information it contains isn’t that sensational (though the Sikh situation surprised even me). The Cal-Poly and “Jackson 5” incidents had already made rounds on Drudge and numerous blogs awhile ago, but didn’t seem that extraordinary in print. The most effective aspect of this mini-doc is the additional emotive information one gets when the individuals relate their experiences firsthand. The producer of this is obviously aping the style pioneered by Michael Moore and one wonders if the information Michael Moore’s documentaries was stripped down to bare text how effective his arguments would be? Given the compelling nature of the “Moore Documentary Format” to make arguments, will this become the blog medium of choice as technology empowers more and more people to do so?