I find this endlessly amusing. Having written a couple things for printed publication (college newspaper and small local magazines), I've experienced the thrill of seeing my name on a bunch of pieces of paper enough times to be somewhat jaded about it. However there's something much more thrilling, for me anyway, to know that I've been helpful to someone whose ideas and writing I respect. I got the chance to thank Jeff for providing some worthwhile information by giving a little back.

It harkens to something Kevin Kelley wrote for this months Wired:

... I run a blog about cool tools. I write it for my own delight and for the benefit of friends. The Web extends my passion to a far wider group for no extra cost or effort. In this way, my site is part of a vast and growing gift economy, a visible underground of valuable creations - text, music, film, software, tools, and services - all given away for free. This gift economy fuels an abundance of choices. It spurs the grateful to reciprocate. It permits easy modification and reuse, and thus promotes consumers into producers.

I got to play different role than I do on this blog towards "producing" for the greater public's ability to access and index knowledge. Granted, we do that every time we post stuff here, but on a different scale. I have no idea how many people check out his site, though I'm certain it gets more eyes than have glazed over our stuff here.

On a sidenote: I came across Jeff's BuzzMachine post before going to bed and decided I really wanted to see this Daily Show clip he was talking about. It wasn't that hard to find, and was definitely worth watching, but the only thing that sort of concerns me is, how long will it remain there? This is the kind of thing that should have a permanent home somewhere, and be relatively easy to find. I may just be paranoid, but it didn't appear as though Comedy Central is planning on keeping it there very long.

Ah well, I'm sure some enterprising person will find it a good home or let us "consumers" know where to find it when the time comes.

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