Good Roberts Piece

Here’s some pretty good commentary on the state of the confirmation hearings from Dahlia Lithwick – who I typically disagree with. After listening to some of the hearings yesterday on my way home from work, I too came to the conclusion that the Senators would have been best served to allow some to assume they're stupid than open their mouths and prove it. Especially Joe Biden – who I think may actually be retarded.

John Roberts is putting on a clinic.
He completely understands that he needs only to sit very quietly, head cocked to signal listening-ness, while senator after senator offers long discursive rambling speeches. Only when he's perfectly certain that a question has been asked does he offer a reply; usually cogent and spare. Here's a man long accustomed to answering really hard questions from extremely smart people, suddenly faced with the almost-harder task of answering obvious questions from less-smart people. He finds himself standing in a batting cage with the pitching machine set way too slow.
It's increasingly clear that Senate Democrats are giving up. They are taking a cue from the petulant Joe Biden, who telegraphs exactly who these hearings are really for when he refuses to let the nominee answer any of his questions. When Sen. Arlen Specter growls at Biden to let Roberts finish just one answer, Biden growls back: "I don't have much time." Later when Biden complains of Roberts, "But he's filibustering!" it's without any sense of irony. How dare this man use our own childish games against us?


Joe said...

Yes, this is obviously a show where senators hope to maximize their time on t.v. But I love, love, love Joe Biden, (the only politician who I regularly see who regularly tells the truth). If Bayh wasn't going to run, I'd join Biden's campaign (which, I admit, will probably lose).

Andrew said...

LOL! I assume you're aware of this: (http://beldar.blogs.com/beldarblog/2005/06/does_bidens_pla.html)

Andrew said...

And then theres this:(http://www.radioblogger.com/#000981)

"You know, to continue your baseball analogy, I'd much rather be pitching to Arthur Brand sitting behind you there on Law & Order, than you. It's like pitching to Ken Griffey. I mean, you know, I'm a little concerned here...I'd like you to switch places with Thompson. I know I know as much as he does. I don't know about you."

Why is it that Biden feels the need to continually say he's smarter than other people? Is there some reason why we shouldn't believe him?