Animation projects

I did these animations a few months ago for an After Effects class and have been pretty tardy in putting them anywhere they might be seen. I have no reason for the delay, besides laziness, but I'd be quite interested in any type of feedback you have to offer. They've been fairly compressed to speed up the download, so check them out and I hope you enjoy.


Joe said...

Ben, that was awesome. My roommate and I just watched them and that they were really cool, especially the second one where you're floating around with alligators. It captured a very distinct mood.

Andrew said...

I agree. What software did you use for this?

Ben said...

I used Photoshop to cut out the 2-D pieces, After Effects for the animation (and compositing, i.e., blending of the 2-D elements in a 3-D environment), and Final Cut to edit the thing together.

I'm glad you like-y.