Blog change

Hey guys (and random visitors).

You may recall my blog whoredom. I'm changing my other blog from a Friendster blog to blogspot. Here's the new address. www.billygoatsgruff.blogspot.com. Ben, I'm linking my blog to this one. Feel free to link to me too.

It's odd...my interest in politics has waned rapidly over the past couple of months. I think I just got weary of thinking about things on that scale. I may be headed for the non-profit world. It may be a little more suitable for my fragile psyche. But who knows...Bush is coming to Indiana on Friday to stump for Rep. Sodrel, who's trying to fend off Baron Hill, whose seat he took int the last election. It looks like there's gonna be a lot of national heat on this election, and I might end up working on Hill's campaign, so maybe I'll get sucked back in.


Ben said...

Hey Joe, good to see you here again.

I'd be happy to put you on the blog roll, link to you often, and generally update that sidebar for greater utility.

Andrew said...
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