Upright Bass

I'm sitting in a sound booth listening to a boring lecture on health services for adolescents, so I figured I'd pass the time by sharing a recent music development that has me very excited.

I just started playing upright bass in a new trio with a mandolinist and guitarist. Both of the other players are way better than me, which is both intimidating and inspiring. Luckily they are patient with my limited technical abilities and think I have good feel and timing, which they value more than fancy tricks. Geoff, the mandolinist, is the leader and primary composer and writes really cool music. It's right up my alley, i.e. heavily influenced by Edgar Meyer, Bela Fleck and Chris Thile. But best of all, they're both super cool people, especially Geoff.

We get along very well personally and have very similar thoughts and tastes for music. And I guess after being somewhat musically dormant for a year or so (in terms of playing with other people), it's really refreshing/exciting to meet someone who is not only fun to play with, but also isn't a dick.

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Joe said...

yay Mark. make da perty sounds.