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Dear Blog,
I'm sorry that I have neglected you. My attention span has degenerated to that of a coked up hummingbird, and you have suffered. I flutter to myriad excuses but none will do. All I can offer is penance. I, ... I can't finish this sentence. Not for grief, but for my affliction. And so I will leave you with something different.

I'm sorry Andrew, but if I see that "Is 'Peak Oil' Bunk?" headline one more time my eyes will explode from my head, and steam will shoot from my ears. I don't doubt that on some level, peak oil is indeed bunk (as hype equals bulshit, more often than not), but I can't bring myself to care after this long month. Its presence at the top of the page mocks me and my idleness and so it must be banished.

So blog, I will try to give you something, anything, to fill the space and let you know you are wanted, if still somewhat unloved.

This is a shout out to Mark, whose fame has spread through the wildfire that is YouTube. His banjo magnificence has been recognized by some 3,000 eyes, give or take the odd cyclops or three-eyed mutant. Come, watch him again. And when you're done, register to YouTube so that you may vote upon his greatness with the coveted 5-Star rating. His banjo-ing should be noted for what it is, as the greatest that site has to offer.

and when you're done you should watch these cats.

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Andrew said...

I just think I need to stop listening to NPR. If I happen to have the self control to wake up early enough to make coffee before going to work, I’ll usually consume that coffee watching Fox and Friends on Foxnews. It’s Midwestern-y humor is pleasantly unchallenging to my groggy brain. Plus when it stops being funny I know the caffeine is kicking in. At this point I begin to notice that about 20% of the reporting on Fox is egregiously biased. It may come in the form of a loaded question about illegal immigration (why are you against a wall senator!?! Do you like heroin streaming into our nation!?!) or a cheap shot on Harry Reid but the agenda is nonetheless transparent. The same is true for NPR. Most of the time I find their reporting to be interesting and generally more substantive than it’s commercial equivalent but then there is the inevitable story about environmentalism, diversity or Iraq (always good/always good/always bad) that causes my brain to start producing rebuttals no one cares about.