I used to Blog

My boss has banned me from blogging, at least about my job. And I don't really want to blog about my love-life. Can't do too much politics till the campaign's over. What does that leave me? Oh, here's something to say!

I read Red Harvest by Daschel Hammet, the old noir detective writer. It was incredibly violent, but snappy. I reccomend it.

Good to see y'all back on the blogging. Andrew, thanks for not turning any of my posts over to the the republicans down here...if that just gave you an idea, please ignore it.


Joe said...

I also wrote a comment on the tax cuts post. I'm so prolific all of a sudden!

Ben said...

Hey Joe, blog about whatever ya feel like.

I've also been having a hard time writing about politics (I'm a junkie when it comes to reading about the stuff, I do get uninspired when it comes to writing about it). I wouldn't know where to start when it comes to current events (too much horrible shit going on right now). So, I feel your pain.

But when it comes to pop culture, Boy Howdy! I could blurt a blog streak. I picked up "Dashiell Hammett: Complete Novels" when I worked at the dog food factory and read all that stuff. It's noir candy. I can't even count how many movies have ganked stuff from Hammett. But for good reason.

The Maltese Falcon is similarly great (tight plotting, great dialogue, the whole bit), and The Thin Man is remarkably funny. But I think Red Harvest was the best of them. Kar and I saw a movie recently that does and excellent job of capturing the vibe of Hammett, it's called Brick and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun), and the big-eared kid from Witness. Damn good movie. Also, rent "Last Man Standing", same deal.

This just dawned on me; why doesn't your boss want you blogging? I'd think it would be a great way to get out the message for your candidate. Just wonderin'.

Andrew said...

Okay Joe, I won’t sick Rove’s brown shirts on you and the other America haters. However you might be interested in the fact that despite largely voting for Bush in 2000 and 2004 most of the people I work with downtown are very eager not to vote republican this fall. The best news for democrats might be that this voter preference doesn’t seem to be driven at all by any particular quality or policy position held by the democrats but instead an intense dislike of what the current Republican party has turned into. I can remember the last time I’ve witnessed so much of a “throw the bums out” among voters typically friendly to that party. 2006 is going to be rough for the GOP. I suppose I should care more but I don't.