De-evolution of a Beard

I've been meaning to post this for a month and haven't gotten around to
it, so allow me to present the creative trimming of a winter coat.

This is kind of a scary picture, but unfortunately
the only one I took of myself with the whole deal. My goal: to attain
the longest chin whiskers possible during the official winter months.

This look could be categorized as "Olde Tyme Bartender" or US President circa 1860-1900. I sported this business for one entire day and it felt ridiculously uncomfortable. I spent the entire day desperately wanting this off of my face.

This one was alright. Not nearly as uncomfortable as
the previous incarnation, but still weird (for me at least). This went
on for about five days. Apparently, it lookeddisappointingly normal.

This is only slightly different than the last. Notice the subtle narrowing of the handle's?

And here, finally, is the full blown Ben-stache. Yay.


Andrew said...

I like the Ben-stache I wish I could have one. The results of camping/ski-trips have not been good.

Honestly I like #3 the best. You remind me of Chopper (the only movie that suggests Eric Bana can act)

Joe said...

The last one is Peter Suber style. looks good!

Ben said...

I think #3 is probably the best of the bunch. At least with that one, I feel ok going out in public.

If/when I go to grad school, I think I'll sport some variation of that one. For some reason that seems like the most apropriate venue for that sort of thing. (He muses...)