If you don't already like Obama...

watch this.

Hat tip, Andrew Sullivan.

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Anonymous said...

Hillary as VP? I like it.

Velvet glove meet iron fist.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t do business Mr. Ahmadinejad you’ll now have to talk to Hillary”….

Scary stuff.

Again (sorry to bring this back to Public Broadcasting) who the hell is that Moderator? Aren’t ugly people supposed to be intrinsically talented in some way…at least have a “good personality”? Who the hell asks almost the exact same questions 2 debates in a row? Why did the Republicans have to go first? Having the questions ahead of time could be an advantage...

I wish I could get a refund during those pledge drives. I want my $8 back to buy the entire Pauly Shore film collection. That’s some enriching, quality programming that won’t get made anywhere else.