The Speech

I watched a good deal of Obama’s big speech last night and have to say I was generally impressed. I was skeptical about whether the venue would work but it turned out to be pretty spectacular. I liked the bits about “trimming unnecessary government programs”.

The one line I thought was particularly cringe-worthy was Obama’s suggestion that if people are questioning whether his judgment is suitable for the presidency “he’ll take that debate”.

Well to date he’s clearly done the opposite. He’s rejected all but the minimum 3 debates (and the idiotic Rick Warren faith “debate”) this fall, his campaign has threatened boycotts of TV stations airing critical ads, his campaign is attempting to silence a 527 through the justice department, his campaign recently instructed supporters to interfere with a Chicago radio station interviewing a researcher looking Obama’s chairmanship of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

To date when challenged Obama has not responded with anything resembling a “debate” but instead has resorted to litigation and bullying tactics.

Maybe Michael Klonsky taught him too well.


Anonymous said...

You have sufficiently censored out anyone even bothering to respond to you. It's sort of sad.

Anonymous said...

Hows that?