Well that’s a mandate

While I do honestly wish Obama the best and will wait to judge him on his actual actions as President, his Reagan-esqe margin (330+ electoral votes? wowza!) of victory could embolden him and quasi-Marxists in the Democratic Party to abandon the pragmatism that made Clinton so politically successful and move directly on:

1.) Withdrawing from Iraq without appropriately considering security implications.
2.) Implementing confiscatory tax rates on the “rich” (is that 150k or 250k?) that will cause a flight of capital into tax shelters limiting economy sustaining investment and tax revenue.
3.) Implementing carbon cap ‘n trade that will slow the economy, produce negligible environmental benefits and vastly subsidize a poorly understood and poorly regulated carbon market.
4.) Begin to transition private 401k assets into the Social Security Administration.

Well that’s all that comes to mind right now. Off to my sure to become workers paradise!

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