Once again, Frontline rules

Frontline, one of my favorite t.v. news magazine type shows, just premiered "Rumsfeld's War." It was a really fascinating disection of the inner workings and political maneuverings of the Pentagon and Bush's cabinet. Basically, it showed how Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney, and others in the "Vulcan," neo-con intelligentsia and bureacracy systematically dismantled and replaced the military establishment, which by and large rejected their small, fast army and their "they'll greet us as liberators, democracy will flourish" utiopianism. It also showed how Rumsfeld outmaneuvered Powell in the battle for Bush's ear and in the battle for control over "post-war" Iraq. It was really, really cool. They have Wolfowitz on camera stating (paraphrase), in response to Gen. Sinzecki's contention that reconstruction in Iraq would require several hundred thousand troops, that "it's hard to believe that the reconstruction will require more man-power than the war." But, in fact, that's exactly what most military people thought! It shows how the neo-con naivete has hijacked the power structure in this country.
In other news, I'm coming to Boston soon, so Bostonians, prepare for your enema.

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