Please don't vote for Dummy

For the last 4 years I've tried in vain to convince people that Bush is not a moron and in fact is probably more academically accomplished and intelligent than John Kerry. I then stumbled across this blog which analyzes all available academic and military records for both candidates and concludes that Bush probably has a higher IQ than Kerry. His analysis was apparently convincing enough that the NYTimes decided to run an article based on it. The money quote:

Linda Gottfredson, an I.Q. expert at the University of Delaware, called it a creditable analysis said she was not surprised at the results or that so many people had assumed that Mr. Kerry was smarter. "People will often be misled into thinking someone is brighter if he says something complicated they can't understand," Professor Gottfredson said.

This is yet another example where the real John Kerry isn't as impressive as the manufactured educated, nuanced war hero image he'd like us to accept. Do we really want a president who finds it necessary to regularly make himself appear more impressive than he really is? Can the world handle 4 years of bad Robert Frost knock off poetry written to impress us? Enjoy:

"I had a talk with a deer today/we met upon the road some way … between his frequent snorts/He asked me if I sought his pelt/cause if I did he said he felt/quite out of sorts!"

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