Supreme Court guy...not too crazy after all!

It seems that I must eat my words about Bush's nominee. Roberts seems to be a nice, smart, level headed, relatively a-political hoosier. Of course, he's something of an unknown quanitity, and I would still bet money that Roe V. Wade will be overturned, but he's a much softer pick than I antipicated. I guess there are several possible explanations for this: 1. Bush is more of a moderate than I thought. 2. Bush has good reason to believe that, once on the bench, Roberts will turn into a Scalia clone. 3. Bush feels the mantle of lame duckness approaching, and wants to husband his political capital for other purposes...overturning Roe, while popular with the base, would still have some damaging fallout for moderates.

Here's a related thought. I wonder if there aren't strategic minds in the GOP that would lament a change on Roe? Abortion has been a very useful issue for the GOP from a strategic standpoint...if it becomes illegal again, the GOP could lose that tool.

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Andrew said...

I agree that there is a strategic component to not allowing states to make abortion illegal but not necessarily because they want the issue to live on indefinitely for political purposes. Instead I think its simple pragmatism. Even if the Republican Party succeeded in allowing laws banning abortion, the backlash would likely be severe; putting the party back into the Goldwater minority of the 60’s. However I do think Roe V. Wade will be overturned though simply because the legal reasoning behind the decision is insanely slipshod. The next time around important legal questions such as “what rights does a fetus have a when” and states rights in their application actually need to be addressed. While there are certainly quite a few conservatives that are inflexibly pro-life, there are also quite a few like me that are pro-choice, but would like a few more controls on the process. Particularly involving late term abortions. Contrary to what Planned Parenthood want us to believe, late term abortions happen far more frequently than they should; too often to healthy mothers and healthy babies.
Stricter controls need to be put on this practice. I cannot accept the termination of fetuses that would likely survive ex utero.

Making conventional abortions less subject to impetuous and emotional decision making I also feel is good policy. The 24 hour waiting period for abortions in Minnesota has reduced their occurrence by 30%.

In short, I’m optimistic that abortion will remain legal but with a better legal definition, but become a more highly regulated activity as a result of this court.