Updated Sidebar

By the way, I recently updated the sidebar for the blog. I got re-organized stuff, got rid of sites I never use and added a bunch that I use everyday. Check 'em out (the one's on top seem the most broadly applicable) and I hope you can find some use for them. By the way, if you find anything out there that seems worthy of having up here for a while, but not inbedded in a post, shoot me an email and I'll put it under "More Insightless-ness."

P.S. I find this extremely ironic. I just spell checked this thing and it wanted to change the word "blog". This is a site hosted by Blogger.com. Come on fellas, that should be a no-brainer.


Andrew said...

Nice work Ben. I like the new layout. I use wikipedia all the time -- I had no idea there was wikinews.

I have no idea what config options blogger gives you, but is there any chance you could expand the margins of the actual blog content(sort of like instapundit)? Sometimes I feel like a jerk when I post longer stuff and it crowds everything else off the page.

Dan H said...

I like it too. Interesting to see what Jonah is up to lately

Dan H said...
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Andrew said...

Thanks for spreading things out--more room for content