My feelings toward our President have tempered over the years to the point where I don't actively dislike the man (however much I disagree with his decisions), and sometimes when I'm feeling charitable, I empathize with him. But every now and again I come across something (usually video) that makes me irate for no real identifiable reason. I found this video via Sullivan who got it from Wonkette who found it on YouTube, and there's plenty wrong with what I see here. He dodges the question, while remarking about dodging the question. He gives that pat "I delegate" remark, which is itself a dodge. He can't take a serious question seriously. He sounds like a moron when he giggles like that, and I'm sure, much more.

Mark said it reminded him of Rickey Gervais's David Brent from "The Office". I agree with that, but there's something else here that bothers me... I'm just at a loss to describe/pinpoint it. What do you think?

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Andrew said...

His loyalty is killing the administration. Just about every other president cleaned house at least once and Bush had 9/11, 2 wars and lots of distracting scandals that have taken his best coaches out of the game. Right now he’s like a Tedford QB without Tedford.