worst commercial ever

Okay, maybe it’s not the worst ever, but since we’re in the process of buying a house it seems like it. If I was getting ganged up on like that guy in the commercial I would rip that phone off the wall and shout “peddle your wares somewhere else real estate harpy!” whether the phone was still plugged in or not. As it stands now I still want to scream “what are you doing you pussy? All the specialness in the world doesn’t pay your property taxes!” to that poor simpering bastard of a husband.


Ben said...

Yikes! If there's a message here, it's stay away from Century 21, they'll try and brow-beat you into a buy. Bitches gangin' up on a brotha', sheeit.

Oddly enough I just checked out Slate and found an article that comes to the same conclusion you do.

Andrew said...

HA! Then I'm not overreacting. Jenny will just have to live with the primal scream everytime this thing comes on.